Fly long range unmanned aircraft to automate the inspection of the grid


Perform smart inspections safely and efficiently across your grid for better grid uptime
Safer and smarter inspections

Our unmanned, safe-to-fly fixed-wing drones, allow you to conduct inspections without human. Our machine learning platform ensures continuous learning of issues with grid and power line

Be Eco-friendly

Good for your bottom line, and better for the environment. 2/3 of all consumers choose sustainable services today

Satisfied customers with increased power grid up time

Increase the uptime of the grid to get happier end customers


Get the overview and the details

We fly your powerline, analyze your data and even tell you the problems that need to be fixed before they cause any damage to the powerlines or grid. With Skyqraft, you can inspect your grid smarter, cheaper and better — all from a single solution.

We put your risks first

Our risk assessment system is designed to help you with predicting problems and take actions right away to fix them. With a holistic view of your grid/power line and its problems, you get a high-quality inspection at a low cost.

Assess and plan smoothly

We will help you by providing a 360 degree view of the power line corridor for assessment and planning. Use this tool to plan future maintenance work from the office.

Why Skyqraft

1. Fly

We fly over your grid with our autonomous long range aircraft. You get a high definition video and high quality images. which provide a 360 degree view of the power lines.

2. Detect problems automatically

Our automated risk assessment system makes smart predictions for you. Will that tree hit the wire when the snow comes? Is there a crack on the insulator? The system will geo tag any such issue and output a flag on a map interface.

3. Fix proactively

Send out a ground crew to fix the issues before next severe weather event hits your grid.


How it works


We are the first to get the BVLOS license for flying fixed wing drones in Sweden


 The company started in 2019 at the Antler Sweden incubator. We are headquartered in Stockholm.

Founder Story

Sakina, David and Umar started the company in 2019 in January. It has not been too long, but one year in a startup is equal to seven years in a normal company, they say. So, we feel just that!

We all met at Antler in Stockholm, Sweden back in November 2018, hoping to get to know all founders in the incubator and start a company together. We all had set our minds and quit our previous jobs to start Skyqraft. Since November, we spent a lot of time together just to get to know each other and find the chemistry.

We  evaluated our different types of skills, backgrounds and experience and sat down to brainstorm different ideas. In this creative environment, Skyqraft was born.

The choice of using long range drones for power line inspections came to life as Umar has worked with drones and studied Aerospace engineering, David has worked with the power grid before and knows machine learning. Also, Sakina recently moved to Stockholm from Sri Lanka where blackouts on the grid are so common. 

When we started the company we realized we all had the same passion of creating a big impact in an industry that was ready for a new tech wave.



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