Maximize grid uptime with data.

Optimize power grid asset management by unlocking data from your routine power line inspections to empower maintenance and investment decisions.

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The electrical grid is essential for the functioning of our society. Distribution and Transmission operators need to increase capacity while managing aging infrastructure and heightened complexity.

The tools necessary to meet these new challenges haven’t been available. Getting accurate data on the state of power grid assets isn't feasible with current methods.

Power grids are facing new challenges.

Get the right data, at the right time.

Our data intelligence platform provides you with detailed and contextualized information about your grid, allowing you to make more informed decisions at every level and work far more efficiently.

Reduce preventable outages by


Reduce defect detection costs by


Increase critical defects found by


Maximize the effectiveness of your grid inspections by turning images into data.

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Make better decisions.

Having detailed, context-rich data on the actual health of your assets makes it easy to make the right decision to maximize uptime.

Just having data isn't enough; it needs to be structured, precise and available to the whole organization.

Equip every team member with the right tool.

Vegetation management

Get an accurate overview of your grid's terrain clearance and automated suggestions on where to trim surrounding vegetation.

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Identify all necessary repairs and pinpoint their locations. Our platform shows images, 3D point-clouds and thermal imaging in one single platform available in the office and the field.

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Grid operations

Collaborate and communicate efficiently with field teams by knowing where they are and what they need to fix to reduce risk of harm or prolonged service breaks.

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Become familiar with your grid, and know the exact location of each asset. Utilize inspection images to monitor poles, pylons and cabinets more easily.

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Investment planning

Gain access to immense amounts of data to discover the true state of your power grid, accurately predict future outcomes, and invest in the best strategies for maximum uptime.

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Decrease your carbon footprint and benefit corridor bio-diversity by viewing your grid's impact and decreasing the need for trips by the field teams.

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