Data intelligence for power grids

We translate your grid images into millions of data points that let you optimize maintenance and investment decisions for maximized grid uptime.

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Tailored to your needs. 

Skyqraft’s data intelligence platform extracts actionable insights from these images and provides you with the right information at the right time. It’s developed together with grid operators and tailored to meet the needs of power grid owners.

Reduce preventable outages by


Reduce defect detection cost by


Increase critical defects found by



Skyqraft puts you in charge by letting you navigate your grid with our Google Maps interface. Get quick access to the information you need – whether you want a report over defects in a certain area or learn the status of and individual component.

With the click of a button you can switch between 2D, 3D and thermal views and create filtered data lists that you can share with the stakeholders you choose. 

Asset Categorization

We combine machine learning with human quality assurance to categorize the contents of your images. This quickly provides you with accurate data for all your assets, visualized directly on our platform or sent to your asset management system.

Assets are categorized down to each individual part of the utility pole. View and learn the condition of every insulator disc – down to individual bolts. This detailed knowledge empowers you to make better investment decisions, plan maintenance more efficiently and optimize revenue.

Detect defects

Diagnose each component from your office just as accurately as if you were standing next to it. The Skyqraft platform offers a more detailed and thorough analysis than previously possible – it consistently identifies ten times as many critical defects and far more minor issues compared to regular inspections.

These findings are presented to you in a minor-issue report and a critical-defect report, integrated in the maps interface or as a separate report. Use them to better maintain your grid and plan for asset investment, terrain clearing and vegetation management. 

Industry expertise meets technical innovation.

The Skyqraft platform is developed in close collaboration with power grid operators – tailored to meet the needs of power grid owners. At its core lies a combination of human insight and scalable AI. 

Our AI is trained and monitored by an industry expert who’s also responsible for quality assurance. This continually improves the AI’s ability to detect issues and categorize your assets, while the human oversight secures accurate results.

Product features.

Cloud based

Get access to the right data wherever you are thanks to an easy-to-use web interface and cloud-based solution.


We integrate with most systems and offer custom solutions for your preferred platforms. 


Our approach to info security follows the largest grid operators' standards. We adhere COBIT 5, conduct monthly penetration test and can place servers wherever you need. With both physical and digital security measures in place we can ensure your data is secure.


We work with your data collection providers to help you maximize the value of your inspections by providing guides on how to best gather image data from your grid, so you get the most of each flight.

Automated insights

Know when and where you need to do ground clearance and minimize the risk of wildfires thanks to the built-in rule engine. 

Equip every team member with the right tool.

Vegetation management

Empowered with the knowledge of exactly what and where your grid is exposed, you can reduce time to decision and always be correctly equipped to fix all issues.

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Know exactly which branches and trees need to be cleared and exercise better terrain control with automated rules based on LiDAR data. Overlay this with the map view to plan your work smarter.

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Grid operations

Collaborate and communicate efficiently with field teams by knowing where they are and what they need to fix to reduce risk of harm or prolonged service breaks.

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You will know every inch of your grid just by using images of the assets. We translate that to relevant data so you know what type of pole, cabinet and wires makes up your grid.

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Investment planning

With a central and integrated solution you will be empowered with millions of additional and highly relevant data points on where and what needs investment to maximize uptime.

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By seeing the grid you can understand your asset’s impact on the biodiversity of the region.

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