Power grids are the backbone of the energy transition.

Our mission

The energy transition is a global priority. The electrical grid is a vital part of this transition and must be managed carefully to meet the world's growing energy demands. By 2045, energy consumption is projected to double and the majority of that energy must be sourced from clean energy sources.

However, the aging grid is in need of resources to meet these demands, making optimization crucial. We provide the data needed to optimize grid management and make the best decisions to overcome the challenges of the energy transition.

Our history

Skyqraft was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2019, but has lengthy experience in utilities. Our Co-founder and CTO’s career span a decade in Machine Learning and AI, but began his working life at Swedish utility companies. 

After successful collaborations with large Distribution and Transmission System Operators to conduct drone inspections and build algorithms for defect detection, we are now expanding our solutions globally. To simplify this, we are focusing on algorithms and a visualization tool, and partnering with drone and helicopter operators to gather high-quality images.

Our team

Today Skyqraft employs people across North America, Europe, and Asia. We’re a team with a wide range of experiences and perspectives, with experience in the utilities industry and deep knowledge of data science and machine learning.

Are you looking for a new challenge? Join us in supporting our society's backbone in the energy transition. See our careers page for open roles and more information.

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