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This is Skyqraft

Skyqraft is on a mission to revolutionize the infrastructure inspection market.

We are a team of experts, with extensive and in depth expertise within power line inspections, machine learning and computer vision, drone operations, customer service and business management. We believe that this diversity in experience is a major factor contributing to our success, making us a knowledgeable, trustworthy partner. 

Founded in Sweden.

Skyqraft is an innovative technology company helping utilities make better decisions about their grids. Leveraging artificial intelligence, aerial grid images are converted into powerful and usable management information.By analyzing and visually displaying grid insights, Skyqraft enables you to make smarter, more sustainable and cost-efficient daecisions about your grid maintenance.

Our progress

Today, Skyqraft is a trusted partner of some of the most forward looking and influential utility companies in Europe and North America, providing them with data and insights needed to plan and maintain tomorrow’s linear infrastructure. 

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