Data Collection

Partnering with Skyqraft - Data Collection

Aerial image capturing

In addition to being a software company leveraging AI to post-process grid data, Skyqraft has previously also been a leading drone operator in power grid inspections in Sweden. This experience has generated vast and in-depth knowledge on how to capture the best images and angles of power lines, its components and its surroundings - to be used power grid inspection and analysis. With our in-house competency and experience, Skyqraft has created onboarding material in the form of educational material to support our drone partners globally by sharing our knowledge of power grid inspections with drones.

Support and assistance

Partnering with Skyqraft, our knowledgeable and experienced team will be there to help consult and advise along the way - in any way we can, with all the knowledge we have.

Manuals and training materials.

During the past few years, Skyqraft has gathered knowledge and best practices in how to carry out a safe and efficient drone flight for power grid inspection and analysis.

In house competency

The "Skyqraft family" is a multicultural and interdisciplinary team - consisting of everything from data scientists to former airline pilots, drone operators and business leaders. This combination and diversity in experience makes us highly competent as a drone operator and tech company. 

As we expand globally, Skyqraft is always looking for experienced and professional commercial drone partners interested in capturing data of power lines and other linear infrastructure. Our partners collect the power grid data, whereby Skyqraft analyzes and visualizes the data, converting it into powerful and usable utility management information.

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