The Software

How does our software work?

Skyqraft is on a mission to revolutionize the infrastructure inspection market.

The functioning of our societies relies largely on the 100 million kilometers of electric power lines on this planet. Inspection of this critical infrastructure, however, is mostly still done in a very traditional and manual way. Skyqraft is on a mission to revolutionize the infrastructure inspection market. We are doing this by leveraging AI to provide clients with the data and insights needed to plan and maintain tomorrow’s linear infrastructure. Skyqraft has developed a big data software solution, which by visualizing and analyzing aerial images of power lines and its surrounding vegetation, provides you with actionable insights, allowing you to take informed, data driven decisions to optimize your operations and grid maintenance. These insights enable utility companies to take a more preventive approach to maintenance, predicting and avoiding equipment breakdowns and power outages.

Skyqraft offers low upfront costs and limited technical barriers to get started with our software and services.
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Data Collection
How it works.

01.  Data Collection

Grid images are an indispensable source of business information.

Step one is therefore to ensure that high quality aerial images of the power grid and its immediate surroundings are collected on a regular basis. When it comes to the image capture, Skyqraft has a preference for the use of  drones, as they are significantly safer, more sustainable, and collect higher quality data, but the choice of how the data is collected is up to you. The images can equally be captured by helicopters or ground patrols.

You may have in-house capabilities or an existing preferred data collection partner - feel free to choose the partner you are most comfortable with. If you need advise and guidance on choosing a professional data capture partner, Skyqraft works with a number of selected data acquisition partners globally that meet our requirements and that have vast experience in capturing data of power lines and other linear infrastructure. Regardless of which partner you decide to use, Skyqraft educates and provides guidance and support to your chosen certified data collection operator, to ensure that the best possible images and angles of power lines, its components and its surroundings are captured (leading to better analysis and grid intelligence.)

If you would like to know more about our selected data collection partners in your country, please contact us.
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But then what? An overflight of the power grid literally generates thousands of images. What will you do with these images? How should the images be securely stored and handled? How should they be visualized and analyzed, and how should the insights be communicated and actioned? Often today, utility companies have a data lake where they store the images. But the data lake doesn’t visualize or analyze the images.

This is where Skyqraft’s big data software solution comes in. The power line images are uploaded into Skyqraft’s software and converted into powerful and usable management information, allowing you to make better, more data-driven decisions about your grid maintenance. Skyqraft can make use of both newly captured images, as well as all the legacy images that grid owners already have stored in their data lake.

Skyqraft’s software processes RGB, Thermal and Lidar imaging - providing you with both a 2D and 3D view of the power lines, the components and the surrounding vegetation. Your preferred data collection partner can easily log in to Skyqraft’s web based software to upload images (JPEG-images with GPS coordinates and LAS-files from lidar scanning). The software has been developed to support huge uploads of sensitive data over limited network connections. 

How it works.

02. Visualization

The uploaded power grid images are accessed and displayed through Skyqraft’s big data software.

Once the data capture is complete and the power grid images have been uploaded to Skyqraft’s software, they can be viewed through Skyqraft’s visualization tool. Skyqraft can make use of both newly captured images, as well as all the legacy images that grid owners already have stored in their data lake.

Skyqraft displays the grid images through a modern, web-based and intuitive map interface  with various advanced filtering, reporting and collaborative features. This allows utility management to visualize their grid and its surrounding vegetation and plan their maintenance work and repairs from their office, saving time, money and Co2 emissions by increasing productivity and avoiding unnecessary site visits. 

Skyqraft’s web-based software:
  • Analyzes and highlights grid defects and potential hazards in surrounding vegetation in a user-friendly map interface
  • Generates clear maintenance recommendations
  • Prioritizes assets and maintenance activities
  • Provides detailed analysis and reports to help your management team make better business decisions 
Features include:
  • Map overview based on satellite images visualizing where the aerial images were captured
  • Processing of RGB, Thermal and Lidar imaging - providing you with both a 2D and 3D view of the power lines, the components and the surrounding vegetation.
  • Dynamic zoom feature, images load in split second (grouped in clusters per pole)
  • Several high resolution images per pole, taken from various angles
  • Overview images between the poles, visualizing the condition of the powerline corridors
  • Map overview of lidar scan data
  • 3D rendering of lidar scans highlighting obstacles and hazards that are too close to the wires
  • Measuring tools displays the distance between objects in 3D view (eg. the distance between a tree branch and the power line)
  • Enhanced team communication with detailed historical data and collaborative features
  • Advanced filtering by component type, defect severity level and more
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Quick and easy import of data into your preferred AMS
  • Secure and compliant handling of aerial photos and storage of your data
    (incl. globally compliant data privacy protection features) 
The software in 2D view
The software in 3D lidar view
The software in 3D lidar view
The software in 3D lidar view
The software in 2D view
Heat map of thermal images
Thermal hotspot detection
How it works.

03. Analysis

Skyqraft’s AI processes the uploaded grid images, quality assured by certified Skyqraft personnel.

As soon as the power line images have been uploaded, Skyqraft’s software analyzes the datasets, automatically detecting and labeling dozens of power grid components using artificial intelligence.

Once the components have been identified and labeled, Skyqraft’s software proceeds to detect and highlight defects on the power lines and its surroundings. This could include vegetation related defects like branches over the wire, or it could be thermal issues or damaged equipment.

Detection of Components

Powerline components are clearly marked on each image making inspection and inventory management  quick and easy. Dozens of components are labelled, including:

  • Insulators: glass, composite, ceramic, pin, stay.
  • Guy strains
  • Cross arms - wooden or steel
  • Wooden poles 
  • Concrete poles
  • Lattice towers 
  • Guy wire guard sleeves
  • Air line endings
  • Transformers
  • Arresters: lightning arresters, surge arresters.
  • Fuses
  • Overhead switches / Sectionalizers / Break switches 
  • Spark gaps
  • Splices
  • Vibration dampeners
  • Pole ID signs
  • Obstacles: vehicles, buildings, piles of lumber.
  • Wildlife protections
  • Weatherhead for poles
Detection of Defects

Skyqraft detects and labels defects, including:

Insulators & Arresters

  • Cracked and chipped ceramics
  • Discolorings from flashovers
  • Damages to composite insulators
  • Damages to ceramic insulators
  • Worn anchor shackles 
  • Missing glass discs 
  • Missing wildlife protections
  • Wire ties broken, loose or missing
  • Arrester damages

Poles, Wires and Equipment on poles 

  • Fallen wires 
  • Inclined, curved and fallen poles
  • Rotated spark gaps
  • Damages to the phase wires 
  • Damages to the top wires 
  • Damages to the fiber cables 
  • Damages to the neutrals (ground wires)
  • Corrosion damages
  • Guy wires sagging
  • Guy wires broken
  • Splice damages
  • Static top wire issues
  • Damaged wooden arms
  • Damages to wooden poles i.e burn marks
  • Obstacles too close: e.g. buildings, constructions, vehicles piles of lumber
  • Incorrectly mounted objects
  • Birds nests
  • Oil leakages

Vegetation Defects

  • Leaning trees 
  • Trees on wires
  • Dry dead trees
  • Branches on wires
  • Branches close to wires
  • Vegetation under wires


  • Insulators
  • Fuses
  • Sectionalizers
  • Transformers
  • Wires
  • Splices

Certified Skyqraft personnel reviews and quality assures the output, to ensure accuracy and compliance with local market requirements.

Downloadable inventory reports allowing filtering by equipment type, pole ID and GPS coordinates is a frequently used feature in the software. Prior to the image analysis, you will be asked if there is anything specific you would like Skyqraft to look for. If our machine learning doesn’t find it, our team of experienced engineers that manually inspect images and lidar data will.

Actionable Insights
How it works.

04. Actionable Insights

Skyqrafts supports seamless integration to all major AMS systems 

The analysis provides you with grid intelligence and insights to help you optimize your operations and adopt a preventive approach to grid maintenance. Using Skyqraft’s software, you can visualize the grid and plan your maintenance actions from your office. 

Most utility companies have an existing asset management system (AMS) in place, where you manage your assets and create work orders. There is no need to replace that system. Instead, Skyqraft offers to fill that system with accurate and actionable data, by providing seamless integration to your preferred AMS. This powerful integration allows for a wide range of use-cases, enabling you to optimize your operations and adopt a preventive maintenance approach. 

Learn more about use-cases and how we have helped our clients
Client Stories
Client Stories
AI Detection of Defects

Skyqraft’s Software - Adding value to a range of functions:

Grid owners / Utility Management

The insights generated by Skyqraft’s software enables a more preventive approach to grid maintenance, preventing asset breakdowns before they happen. Optimize performance and lifetime of the grid. 


Time,  money and Co2 emissions saved by avoiding unnecessary site visits. Planning can be done through Skyqraft's software from your  office desk. 


Skyqraft’s software offers tools for collaboration between lineworkers and maintenance staff, leading to increased productivity (eg. easier planning of access routes to maintenance, equipment needed, maintenance time estimates etc).

Vegetation management

High quality imaging and analysis (eg. vegetation analysis based on 3D point cloud Lidar data) allows you to work proactively with vegetation management

Inventory management

Downloadable inventory management reports, and tools for monitoring and safeguarding the lifetime of equipment provided. Enables cost control.

Business Development

Planning / projection of new grid stretches


Secure and compliant handling of aerial photos and storage of your data


Provides continuous insights to allow for benchmarking and smarter buying decisions 

Skyqraft’s software also enables Sustainability and Worker Safety benefits (Co2 emission saved and a safer work environment achieved as fewer site visits are needed) 

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The Value

Why use Skyqraft's visual data analytics software?

Reduce equipment downtime with preventive maintenance

Skyqraft helps utility companies make better decisions about their grids. Leveraging artificial intelligence, aerial images of power lines are converted into powerful and usable management information. By analyzing and visually displaying grid insights, Skyqraft enables you to make smarter, more sustainable and cost-efficient decisions about your grid maintenance. 

Predict and avoid equipment breakdowns

When your grid and equipment is constantly running - affected by harsh weather, growing vegetation and aging materials - they will inevitably break down. Skyqraft’s software gives you an accurate inventory and ensures when those unplanned breakdowns happen, you have powerful visuals and metrics of the grid, making maintenance planning more efficient.

Keep maintenance costs to a minimum

Skyqraft analytics provides you with full visual understanding of your grid, allowing you to make the most cost-effective decisions for your maintenance organization.

Access a visual data hub for your grid

Skyqraft allows all relevant functions of your organization to access the visual data, improving communication between grid owners, vegetation management, line workers and maintenance staff. Skyqraft’s software allows you to instantly pull data, add comments and see comment history, share visual data internally, generate reports and more.In addition, Skyqraft supports seamless integration to all major AMS systems

Enable a safer and more sustainable environment

Co2 emissions saved, costs lowered and a safer work environment achieved as fewer site visits are needed. Planning of maintenance work can be done through Skyqraft’s software from your office desk. 

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from our clients and learn more about how we help utility management make better decisions about their grids.
Client Stories