Achieve the full useful lifespan of your equipment through inventory management

A major Nordic utility company entrusted Skyqraft to produce insights of all splices on a 70 kV grid.
Phase One

01.  The Challenge.

Achieve the full useful lifespan of your equipment through inventory management

More often than not, utilities might not have complete and detailed information about their critical assets (condition, quantity and location of various power line components like splices, transformers, fuses and line separators). 

In this particular case, Skyqraft was tasked by a major European utility to produce insights (images, GPS location, quantity, condition) of all splices on a 70 kV grid.

Phase Two

02.  The Solution.

What did our software do?


Skyqraft's data collection partner captured high resolution close-up images and thermal imagery of the power lines, its components  and its immediate surroundings.


Skyqraft's software then analyzed the dataset, automatically detecting and labeling dozens of power grid components using artificial intelligence.


Skyqraft’s visualization tool gives you advanced filtering functionality, allowing you to filter by component type, defect severity level and more.


It also includes advanced reporting features. In this case, the client was able download an inventory report with image links and GIS map files, for easy access in the client’s preferred GIS system in a few clicks. This gave the client full visibility and control of the state of their power grid components. Insights derived from real world imagery and data trumps old database records.

Phase Three

03.  The Impact.

Staying on top of your critical asset needs helps you reduce asset downtime and costs

  • Achieve the full useful lifespan of your equipment. Having full visibility and control of the state of your power grid components helps you reduce asset downtime and costs. You will be able to predict and plan your maintenance and purchasing needs far in advance.

A few concrete examples of inventory reports that Skyqraft has been asked for:

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Where are all the splices in the grid?
Where are all my transformers?
Do we still have old transformers with expansion vessels?
Do we have wildlife protection equipment on all transformers?
How many splices do we have per km on average?
How many chain insulators do we have?
Where are all the fuse boxes?
  • Plan grid renovation projects from the office. Grid improvement projects are always in the pipeline, be it digging down a stretch of the powerline or replacing old poles with new ones. By using Skyqraft’s visualization tool, you will be able to access  individual images of each pole plus overview images of the corridors, making planning and projection a considerably easier. To give you a concrete example, Skyqraft can generate  a report of the state of your wooden cross arms, allowing you to plan your actions, repair and purchases accordingly. 
  • Improved operational efficiency - Instead of sending your staff out to the grid to manually take inventory, By viewing the power line images at the office, you can simply use Skyqraft’s visualization tool and get your inventory report in a few quick clicks. By being able to do this from the office, you will be saving costs, time spent and C02 emissions generated, by avoiding unnecessary site visits.

Reach out to learn about how Skyqraft can achieve the full useful lifespan of your equipment.

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Our partnership with Skyqraft provides us with state of the art AI and insights that really add value to the UAV technology that Vattenfall Services are investing in. Skyqraft’s solutions help us more rapidly collect data and analyze it in a structured way which has created new workstreams and a competitive advantage for us

Martin Björnvall

Business Development, Vattenfall
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With their knowledge of drone technology and AI, Skyqraft has helped us take a major step into digitization and sustainability. By using Skyqraft’s software, we save earth’s resources and safeguard the safely of our personnel.

Jimmy Lundberg

Power grid manager, Karlskoga Energi & Miljö 
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Skyqraft has always been an innovative company. We started working with Skyqraft when they just launched. We have now been working with them for three years, and have seen how quickly their AI capabilities have developed, in terms of both detecting power line components and defects. Skyqraft’s solution will play an important part in enabling power grid inspections to be more safe, efficient and sustainable.

Per Sundqvist

Maintenance Management, E.ON Sweden

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