Minimizing power grid downtime through regular inspections

A major Nordic utility company tasked Skyqraft with the annual routine inspection of their power grid.
Phase One

01.  The Challenge.

When your grid and equipment is constantly running, they will inevitably break down.

To detect issues and prevent problems before they happen, the power grid needs to be inspected on a regular basis. In many countries there are laws and regulations that stipulate the frequency of these inspections - with the aim of safeguarding reliable power supply today and tomorrow.

Phase Two

02.  The Solution.

What did our software do?


To comply with this Nordic market’s regulations for annual routine power line inspections, high quality overview images were captured of the power lines and its immediate surroundings.


Skyqraft’s software then analyzed the dataset, automatically detecting and labeling dozens of power grid components using artificial intelligence.


Once the components were identified and marked out, Skyqraft’s software detected and labeled defects on the power lines and its surroundings. This includes vegetation related defects like branches over the wire, thermal issues or damaged equipment. To give a concrete example, in this particular case, Skyqraft detected a fallen wire, hanging a mere meter above the ground posing an acute and critical risk for the public. Skyqraft reported the hazard to the client’s operations center immediately, and the problem was urgently rectified.


Skyqraft integrated our software into the client’s existing Asset Management System (AMS), which allowed all reported power line defects to be quickly and easily imported into their AMS. The client could therefore continue creating work orders to rectify the defects in the same way they had done in the past. No new processes or added work required.

Phase Three

03.  The Impact.

By conducting regular and thorough inspections of the grid and its surroundings, the client was able to adopt a more preventive maintenance approach

  • Predicted and avoided equipment breakdowns -  Skyqraft found five times more defects compared to traditional inspection means (helicopters or ground patrols). This gave the client insights to be more preventive in their maintenance approach - prioritizing work orders according to severity and urgency. This led to:
Fewer interruptions to critical operations
Less equipment downtime
Longer asset life.
  • Improved operational efficiency - By viewing the power line images at the office, using Skyqraft’s visualization tool, linemen were equipped with information which made the  repair process more efficient (informing decisions on which repair equipment, tools and vehicles to bring to the site, and which access routes to take.  By having eyes on the grid from the office, linemen were able to plan their work more efficiently, saving maintenance costs, time spent and C02 emissions generated, by avoiding unnecessary site visits. 
  • Increased workplace safety and improved compliance with workplace regulations - by planning the maintenance work from their office using Skyqraft’s software, linemen and maintenance staff are equipped with grid intelligence that puts them out of harm’s way. Before arriving to the site, they will know exactly where the defects and hazards are - informing their maintenance approach.
  • Minimizing maintenance costs - Skyqraft provided the client with full understanding of their grid, which allowed them to make the most cost-effective decisions for their maintenance organization. Prioritizing and using their maintenance budget in a smart, data-driven way.

In addition, by using Skyqraft’s drone partner for data collection (instead of traditional use of helicopters), the client was also able to achieve:

  • Sustainability benefits. Less Co2 emissions emitted.
  • Less noise pollution. Helicopters scaring cattle and horses (wreaking havoc and causing animal casualties) is a big  issue for grid owners. With drones, this is a non-issue.
  • Worker safety -  flying helicopters or walking the power line corridors pose a real safety risk to personnel. Using unmanned aerial vehicles for the overflight, and using Skyqraft’s software to view the grid images from the office provides a safe worker environment for all functions involved in the inspection process. 

Reach out to learn about how Skyqraft can minimize the downtime of your assets and help support your power grid operations.

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Testimonial Image

Our partnership with Skyqraft provides us with state of the art AI and insights that really add value to the UAV technology that Vattenfall Services are investing in. Skyqraft’s solutions help us more rapidly collect data and analyze it in a structured way which has created new workstreams and a competitive advantage for us

Martin Björnvall

Business Development, Vattenfall
Testimonial Image

With their knowledge of drone technology and AI, Skyqraft has helped us take a major step into digitization and sustainability. By using Skyqraft’s software, we save earth’s resources and safeguard the safely of our personnel.

Jimmy Lundberg

Power grid manager, Karlskoga Energi & Miljö 
Testimonial Image

Skyqraft has always been an innovative company. We started working with Skyqraft when they just launched. We have now been working with them for three years, and have seen how quickly their AI capabilities have developed, in terms of both detecting power line components and defects. Skyqraft’s solution will play an important part in enabling power grid inspections to be more safe, efficient and sustainable.

Per Sundqvist

Maintenance Management, E.ON Sweden

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