March 29, 2022


The Skyqraft Team

Skyqraft announces new CEO

Louise Gauffin, previously COO at Skyqraft, has been appointed CEO, marking the start of a new chapter in Skyqraft’s growth journey. Skyqraft’s objective in 2022 is to accelerate product development, market expansion and team growth.

Previous CEO, Co-Founder David Wickström, is moving into the CTO role and will continue to spearhead Skyqraft’s product development to ensure that our product remains world leading within its niche. 

The new roles are effective as of March 22, 2022. 

About Skyqraft

Skyqraft is on a mission to revolutionize the way our infrastructure is inspected. We are doing this by leveraging AI to provide clients with the data and insights needed to plan and maintain their existing and future infrastructure. Skyqraft has developed a big data software solution, which by visualizing and analyzing aerial images of linear infrastructure and its surrounding vegetation, provides utility management with actionable insights; enabling informed, data driven decisions; in turn leading to optimized operations and infrastructure maintenance. 

The insights delivered by Skyqraft enable our clients to take a more preventive approach to maintenance - predicting and avoiding equipment breakdown and outages - at a lower cost and with a reduced carbon footprint compared to the currently prevailing methods.

The Skyqraft Team